SEMrush Review: Discover SEMrush Features, FREE Trial [2021 Updated]

For every single person who is a blogger, digital marketer, or SEO Expert, they might need some of the best SEO Tools to rank blogs and websites. Well, Google only promotes better websites and when it comes to the best of all things, SEMrush is a tool that can do wonders. Yes, SEMrush is one brilliant SEO tool that comes with some of the best features. Thankfully, to help you out with SEMrush, I have got for you an exclusive SEMrush review for 2020 and beyond.

Plus, I will give you SEMrush FREE Trial using which you can easily use SEMrush for Free and once comfortable, then you can go ahead and buy their Paid Plans.

Being a blogger, I know the importance of SEO tools for ranking. Indeed, it;’s a tough task where you got to do hundreds of things.

However, with SEMrush, things become much simpler and that is what you will learn later in this article.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive SEMrush review with some outstanding features.

SEMrush Review 2020


semrush review

SEMrush is the most famous SEO tool that is specialized in Google Ad campaign optimization, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

SEMrush is the key product that would help you out by optimizing your website’s search engine.

This tool was found in the earlies of 2008 by Dmitry Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev.

According to the company’s estimation, this tool is been featured by a large user base that is over 5 million users.

If you are looking for the best SEO tool in the current scenario then SEMrush has it all.

A Take on SEMrush Features

With the help of SEMrush, you would be benefited from the following aspects:

  • Helps you to attract huge traffic to your website.
  • Your website would be part of one of the highest searching ranks via tweaking technical aspects.
  • Helps you to find the opportunity for building links.
  • It consists of the keyword suggestions that would help to phrase the sentences correctly for writing blogs or twitting some of the lit captions.
  • For avoiding the confusion that which website would be worth approaching, it would suggest some of the websites that might be helpful for backlinks.
  • If there any of the technical improvements that you can do, then it would let you know as it comes with SEO audit.

Moreover, the above is not the end yet. There’s huge detailing that is provided to you in this SEMrush review article.

Let’s get familiar with further details of the SEMrush review without wasting much time.

About SEMrush’s keyword research

semrush review

According to statics, the most searched sites consist of a particular keyword that makes viewers go to those websites.

Hence, it increases the traffic of the site. SEMrush keyword tool helps you to go through that most searched keywords and increases the traffic of your site.

Following are some of the information regarding what exactly is keyword research:

  • To know the numbers of people that are searching that keyword.
  • About how tacky it is to rank for that particular keyword.
  • To keep yourself updated to suggestions for the upcoming one.
  • Helps you to seek that who is already ranking for that particular keyword.

One must know about the above information to increase the traffic of the website. In this case, the SEMrush keyword tool is the lifesaver!

With the help of SEMrush, it would be easy for you to find out the above-given information.

Benefits of Keyword Research

You just have to enter a particular keyword in the SEMrush keywords overview tool and you would get the immediate results of your search as followed:

  • Have a look at the sites which are ranking for that particular keyword.
  • Helps you to know the keyword difficulty score.
  • Get to know about the number of searches of that particular keyword per month on Google.
  • You can also get information about the particular keyword per country level.
  • For example, search chocolate chips cookie recipe on the keywords overview, you would found huge statics in SEMrush India currently as in this lockdown all are addicted to cooking different types of recipes at home.

Moreover, SEMrush’s most important metrics are the keyword difficulty score.

As per the SEMrush review, it would use percentage to indicate the difficulty of that keyword.

If the way is harder to rank in that particular keyword then it would show highlight the red color with a higher percentage.

To crack the higher score of keyword difficulty, the SEMrush review says that one can use the option of SEMrush’s ‘keyword magic’.

It would suggest the keyword which is suitable for your phrase.

In short, the SEMrush keyword tool would help to decide which keyword is the perfect fit for you.

It would help you out to solve all the problems regarding keywords.

According to SEMrush review, the keyword is the most essential part of the SEO project, and hence, by choosing the ideal keyword you can increase the traffic of your page.

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About SEMrush’s Domain Analysis


semrush review

According to the statics as well as SEMrush review, the majority of the SEO projects initiate with basic domain analysis.

Domain analysis is nothing but giving your website a simple overview or in other words to provide a quality look to your website.

There could be various reason to perform domain analysis such as:

  • To check whether the SEO improvements could be made on your website via domain analysis or not.
  • Have a look at your competitor’s website that what methods of domain analysis he or she is using, and way to outrank them.
  • Provides the feature that is it worth approaching the owner of the link, as the backlink can increase as well as decrease the quality of your website overview.

As per my SEMrush review, it is easier to access the domain analysis in the SEMrush. One just has to enter the domain URL in the SEMrush domain overview section. The metric provided includes:

  • Competing websites
  • Top performing keywords
  • The total number of visitors to your website in the month
  • Total number of external links as well as backlinks pointing to a particular website
  • Display advertising stats
  • The most important element- the authority score

To calculate the metric mentioned above, SEMrush consists of three main elements that are:

  • Website traffic data shows you the monthly visit.
  • Backlink data that shows you the actual number of links that are pointing to it.
  • Organic search data that comprises of organic search traffic and position of a particular keyword.

Now, what one needs more to process the domain analysis. The SEMrush review regarding domain analysis provides your site better readable score and simple referable content.

SEMrush’s Backlink Analysis

semrush price

As per SEMrush review, the backlink analysis section provides various benefits beside knowing the list of backlinks such as:

  • For viewing the distribution of the top domain.
  • To see the anchor text that is being used for a particular backlink.
  • You can use this section to collect the information on IP addresses of backlinks.

All the above information is displayed simply and understandably.

This feature is considered much helpful, as you can have a look at this when the domain has caught some issues or lost backlinks.

Moreover, one can also make use of this information for valuing its SEO efforts or grab the insight into a competitor.

If you doubt the accuracy of SEMrush, then let’s have quick look at its accuracy in backlink analysis.

First of all, the accuracy of any program depends on the size as well as the quality of the links stored in the database.

According to the accuracy claimed by SEMrush, at the time of writing it can store up to 23.6 trillion backlinks in its database.

Among them, if it is viewed as per the competitors majestic, it comprises of 9.2 trillion backlinks and as per Ahrefs, it comprises of 16.3 trillion.

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SEMrush’s Rank Tracking

semrush price

To know how your website performs in search engines with the particular keyword overtime then this rank tracking is the most important element that you are looking for.

According to the SEMrush review, it is much easier to set this rank tracking in SEMrush.

First of all, you have to go to the position tracker section then enter the domain and the keywords accordingly.

You would get to know at what position your site is currently ranking regarding the keywords you entered.

There’s no harm to wait for your time to come.

Give SEMrush enough time to proceed with some of the improvements regarding your website and go on improving them according to the instruction given by SEMrush.

See your site rank higher in a few times.

Moreover, if you want to detect the rank position of your competitor then you can simply add the content of your competitor in the SEMrush rank tracking and know in which ways the competitor is ahead of you.

SEMrush’s Backlink Audit

semrush review 2020

As per the SEMrush review, there are two ways to have a look at the backlink in SEMrush.

The first one we have already discussed is backlink analysis and the second one is a backlink audit.

So now, let’s have a quick look at the detailing of the backlink audit.

The main reason for doing the backlink audit is to establish the backlink’s toxicity pointing towards your site.

While going through the process of backlink audit one must have to determine its ‘site health’.

Going ahead in this SEMrush review, it comprises various links that are spammy according to SEMrush.

Further, this link can be reviewed and uploaded on Google by you as a ‘disavow’ file.

When you would upload this file on Google, it would effectively tell Goggle the toxicity of the link.

In this way disavowing the bad as well as poor-quality links, there would be a great impact on your search engine.

Moreover, you would also get the option to whitelist the link.

Now, let’s have a quick look at link building as well as a broken link in the SEMrush.

SEMrush’s Link Building

semrush review 2020

The link building is one of the best features in terms of the SEMrush review.

This feature would allow you to link other sites with your site. This linking process is essential to achieve success in any of the SEO projects.

Moving forward to the work and features provided by SEMrush’s link building tool:

  • Let you know about the keywords that you want to rank for.
  • Acknowledged you that who is your competitor and for what they are ranking for.
  • It would examine the content that you have published on the site.

It would also provide you some information regarding the appropriate links that may give you the opportunity for guest posts and provides you the chance to approach links.

Moreover, it also offers various tools that are useful in doing so.

To give this a sort, you just have to connect your SEMrush to your mailbox and outreach the emails via tools.

Furthermore, as per SEMrush review, it also provides you the website email addresses and provides you the option for the outreach so that you can reuse that template whenever you want.

SEMrush Broken Link Building

semrush keyword tool

If you don’t know about the process and importance of the broken link building then you are probably not into the SEO tactics.

Let’s have a brief look at what is broken link building.

Broken link building- if any link is not in use or dead for a while then you can recreate the content of that dead link and use it on your website.

You just have to ask someone expert to activate the dead content and link it to your website.

The process of broken link building is quite sophisticated as well as time-consuming.

First of all, one has to perform the entire backline audit procedure and then click a checkbox for identifying URL errors.

To pass out this time-consuming procedure, you just have to refer to CRM-style features and make your task less arduous.

As per SEMrush review, broken link building provides the best service for converting the dead content of the website onto your official website.

So, this was everything related to link building and broken link building of the SEMrush.

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SEMrush Competitive Intelligence

Some of the features of SEMrush consist of analyzing competitors’ websites but for having the advantage of this feature, you have to purchase the premium SEMrush.

Some of the competitive intelligence that comes with SEMrush pricing is as follows:

  • It provides you the ability to benchmark at most 5 competitors at a time and you can cross-compare whenever you want.
  • It consists of the feature of the market explorer that would provide you the information regarding market players, audience age, gender, and their behavior, market shares, seasonal peaks, and much more.
  • You can lead up to 200 prospect traffic analysis in just one click.
  • It consists of the extended traffic analytics and that would provide you the information regarding visitor engagement, historical data, traffic sources, desktop and mobile, geographical information, and much more.

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SEMrush PPC Data

semrush review

According to SEMrush review 2020, it consists of better value when it comes to the tool which comprises a mixture of SEO and PPC project.

The PPC data of SEMrush is considered better compared to other tools as the other tool consists of basic CPC figures for an individual keyword.

Whereas, SEMrush comprising much more than other tools, it includes detailed CPC competition, live ads, distribution of data, and PPC campaign planning tool.

Plus,  SEMrush pricing is a bit expensive but it would provide all the comforts and surely meet your requirement.

SEMrush’s Site Auditing

semrush keyword tool

In this feature of SEMrush, you would get to know about the reasons for the low search ranking of your site.

Site auditing is the most essential element to have the quality and reliable site where visitors feel worth approaching your website and you know that visitors are the seller.

If the visitors like your site and its outlook, then they would share your website link to others and hence, would increase your website’s traffic.

semrush review

The following are some of the reasons why your website doesn’t come in search rank and by having a look at the mistakes, you would work on it and improvement would lead you to success.

  • Maybe your site takes much time to load the content.
  • You content the extract duplicate of others, there’s no uniqueness or creativity in your content.
  • Various SSL problems.
  • The content is overload with keywords.
  • Not providing enough headings in the content.
  • Silly mistakes or errors.

As per the SEMrush review, it consists of the feature that would scan your entire content and by detecting the problems, it would provide you some of the tips for improvement.

After going through various improvements, your content would content high readability score, proper sentence framing, and enough keywords to make the content look much more spacious.

To be precise, the features that the site audit of SEMrush includes:

  • The particular length of the content
  • Few strategies internal linkage.
  • Provide you the tip about which website you should approach for backlinks.
  • Particular keywords to add in the content.
  • It provides you the steps for making your page appear as google featured snippet.
  • The most important as well as unique feature as per the terms of SEMrush review 2020, it just won’t show you what to do but also provide you the guidance that why you should do it.

The site auditing feature as per the SEMrush review is much better compared to other tools.

SEMrush Easy Usage

The menu of various options is provided on the left of the page and its access functionality is provided on the right.

The menu options include competitive research, link building, keyword research, rank tracking, on-page SEO, reporting, and much more.

According to the SEMrush review, a lot of zooming and pinching is required if you are using SEMrush in the mobile device as the texts are in small size. SEMrush should look forward to enhancing the tool for mobile users as well.

Moreover, if you don’t want to go through the SEMrush hassle in your mobile then you can prefer to its mobile app and that allows you to access the position tracking data.

Hence, this mobile app of SEMrush has solved the issues regarding its usage in mobile display.

To get most out of the SEMrush, according to the terms of SEMrush review it is recommended to use a computer desktop rather than using a mobile display.

Now, let’s have a quick look at pricing and the money value of SEMrush India.

SEMrush Pricing

semrush pricing

SEMrush apps are way more expansive if compared to various types of ‘SaaS’ that is a software as a service app.

But paying is worthwhile as you are not just paying for the functionality but also for getting access to a large quantity of data which includes competitor intelligence.

Moving ahead in this SEMrush review, there’s in total 3 pricing plans that as following:

  • For the Pro version, the paid subscription is $99.95 per month.
  • The Guru version, the paid subscription is $199.95 per month.
  • The Business version, the paid subscription is $399.95 per month.
  • Even 7-day free trial is available

The difference between the various plans are:

  • Historical data accessibility
  • Number of keywords that can be tracked monthly
  • Number of reports to run monthly

As per the SEMrush review, the worst outcome of this tool is that it consists of only one person access to the particular account even in $399.95.

If you want to add more people to your account then you have to pay $70-140 extra.

Moreover, even it comes to report requesting SEMrush is very generous.

The accessibility of domain analysis per day in $99 is just about 3,000 report analysis.

Whereas looking at the report analysis per day in $399 is 10,000 report analysis.

But SEMrush provides much more compared to others. As Ahrefs $399 plan just provides 250 report analyses per day.

Looking forward to the good value of money, the SEMrush consists of three support channels that include: chat, email, and phone.

The brighter side of SEMrush  is that at least it supports the phone number regardless of other online apps.

Bottom Line: SEMrush Review 2020

As per SEMrush review, this SEO tool is much helpful to achieve any of the success regarding SEO projects.

Hence, the above was everything regarding the SEMrush review, it a much powerful SEO tool compared to others.

Plus, you can also opt for the SEMrush Free Trial period. With this, you can test the services and then go ahead to buy their paid plans. 

Moreover, if you have to unlock the competitive intelligence feature you have to pay $200.

Yes, it is quite expensive but it also meets all of your requirements, as well as the layout, which is easy to use.

This tool is much straightforward regarding its features compared to other SEO tools. 


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