60+ Micro Niche Blog Ideas to Rank on #1 Page of Google [2021 Updated]

Right now, it is no sort of doubt that competition in blogging has increased considerably. Every single niche is getting saturated but for the bloggers who are smart enough, there is still a huge potential in Blogging. Yes, I am talking about micro niche blog ideas where the competition is much lower than usual.

Indeed, for over a million bloggers in the entire world, micro niches for blogging have worked pretty well where I have got for you some of the most PROVEN and WORKING micro niche ideas.

Well, are you excited? It seems you are.

So, let’s dive into the topic and uncover the complete detailed guide on Micro Niche Blog Ideas.

What is a Micro Niche Blog?


micro niche blog ideas

If you know what exactly blogging means, you must have heard about the micro niche at least once in your blogging journey.

Still, for the people who are new to blogging, read ahead as I have explained Micro niche blog most simply.

For example, “health” is a category that comes into “Major” niche one. It has got 100’s of categories where making a blog on health and ranking it will take years.

Therefore, if you can choose one particular category in health, for example, “Cough”, then chances are you can rank on this keyword.

Hence, if you can make a blog on “cough”, this is considered as a micro-niche blog.

With this, you can post information around “cough” and rank your blog, the better way.

Still, struggling to find your perfect Micro Niche Blog idea? You don’t need to worry.

After an extensive series of Research on each of the niche, I have got for you some of the best Micro Niche that can help you rank your blog, the fastest way.

Come along as we unwrap those Micro Niches, one by one.

60+ Micro Niche Blog Ideas 


best micro niche for blogging



micro niches for blogging

Indeed, there are tons of people who perform hiking in all parts of the world where making a micro niche blog on this topic can be highly profitable.

In hiking, you can choose from a variety of products and start writing blogs on the same.

Thereafter, you can promote your affiliate links and start making a handsome amount of money in a short period.

Best Hiking Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

  • Hiking Boots
  • Hiking Pants
  • Hiking Backpacks
  • Hiking Tents

And many more…

Modular Kitchen


sub niche blogging

This is yet another micro-niche blogging idea that will never go out of style.

Almost every other person likes to make their kitchen modular and that is where the true potential lies.

Best Modular Kitchen Micro Niche Ideas

  • Modular Kitchen cabinet Ideas
  • Budget Modular Kitchen
  • Kitchen accessories for Modular kitchen
  • Modular Kitchen appliances

Bathroom Décor


sub niche blog

Yes, in 2020, people are looking to decorate their bathrooms where this can be a highly profitable niche.

Even on Google, the search for bathroom décor is quite massive and the competition is quite low.

Best Bathroom Décor Ideas

  • Bathroom decorating stuffs
  • Low-cost bathroom décor ideas
  • Bathroom decoration accessories



sub niche blog ideas

Indeed music lovers are present everywhere and if you can tap this industry, you can make millions within a short span of time.

Also, Music has been an evergreen industry where you can explore some of the best music micro niche blogging ideas.

Best Music Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

  • Rock Band review
  • Specific Music products
  • Music Album Review
  • Upcoming Music Albums


Home Colour Blog


sub niche blogging

There are tons of people who are fascinated of home color ideas. With this, the demands for home color blogs is increasing every single day

Well, you can tap onto the market where you can write blogs on different home color combination ideas.

Also, the home color blog also delivers the immense potential to earn money with the help of affiliates too.

A look at Home Colour keywords ideas

  • Home color combination
  • Best Home color
  • Home color design

3D Printer


sub niche blogging ideas

Gone are the days when people used the traditional ink-jet printer.

In today’s world, 3D printers are in high demand that makes this as one of the hottest Micro niche blog topics.

Best 3D Printer Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Professional 3D printers
  • Home 3D printers
  • Budget 3D Printers
  • 3D Business of Printing

Microwave Cake Making


sub niche blog ideas

Currently, the world is turning out to be bakers where investing your time in Microwave cake making niche can be a good thing.

Indeed, food blogs are coming on the internet where if you can make a micro-niche blog on Microwave cake making, you can earn money within a short span of time.

Best Microwave Cake Making Blog Ideas

  • Birthday Party Cake making
  • Wedding Anniversary Cake Making
  • Customized Cake Making

LED Lightening


sub niche blogging ideas

LED lights are the necessity of every office along with the household.

Therefore, if you can make your blog around LED Lightening, you can rank on Google pretty comfortably.

Over the past few years, the sale of LED lighting has increased considerably where more micro blog opportunities are coming into existence.

Niche Ideas for LED Lightening Blogs

  • Outdoor LED Lightening
  • LED Light review
  • LED Lightening boards
  • Power Saving LED Lightening

Green Tea


micro niche

Talking about one of the best micro niche blog ideas will being the Green Tea straight into the spotlight.

Yes, Green tea is something almost every house needs where making a blog solely on Gree Tea is a brilliant idea.

Right inside the blog, you can review different green tea where you can then add affiliate links.

With this, you can earn some good amount of money altogether with Green tea blogs.

Best Green Tea Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

  • Green Tea for weight loss
  • Green tea hair benefits
  • Healthy recipe of Green tea
  • Green tea for face wash

Coupon Website


micro niche blog ideas

Yet another niche and making a coupon blog can be another better thing in blogging.

Yes, in this scenario, you can easily create a coupon website and offer discounts on different sorts of things to the users.

Best Coupon based micro niche blogging ideas

  • Coupon code for restaurants
  • Coupon code for online learning courses
  • Coupon code for Dominos
  • Amazon Coupon Codes
  • Online Coupon Codes

Smartphone Camera


micro niche blog ideas

Perhaps, if you are looking for one of the best micro niche ideas, smartphone cameras are one of the hottest topics right now.

Whenever people talk about buying a brand new smartphone, Smartphone cameras truly comes into the limelight.

Whether it’s for clicking a selfie with your friends or capturing those beautiful moments, mobile cameras are truly dominating human life.

Therefore, if you are eager to start your blog on mobiles, you can narrow the same and start writing a blog on smartphone cameras.

Best Smartphone Camera Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  • Smartphone camera using tips
  • Camera Accessories for different smartphones
  • Mobile Camera Lens
  • Camera review of different brands

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Baby Care


micro niche sites

With the help of the Babycare niche, you can make millions and Yes, I am pretty sure about this.

Your main target with a baby care blog will be moms where you can start reviewing different baby care products

Also, you can easily offer some of the best baby care tips that are not available on the internet.

However, one thing you must know is that the Baby care niche is a little competitive one.

Some Baby care Micro niche hacks:

  • “Baby Care Tips for New Moms”
  • “Baby Care hacks for First time Parents”

If you have any knowledge in the above field, you can easily buy a domain and start your blog on baby care, the fastest way.



sub niche blogging ideas

Speaking about one of the most amazing and money making niche will bring the DSLR Lens into the spotlight.

Yes, if you have got your expertise in camera niche, you can start your micro niche blog on DSLR Lens.

More to it, you can also make your blog more specific to start off with just a few top class brands.

Now, to minimize your competition in the DSLR Niche, you can target your topics around:

  • DSLR Lens Price based on a particular region
  • DSLR lens different specifications
  • Lens cleaning tips
  • Wide Angle DSLR Lens

Professional Courses


sub niche blogging ideas

If you have got any experience in teaching, professional courses can be one of the most profitable micro-niche blogging ideas.

Yes, there are tons of micro niche blogs out there that are earning millions.

Here, you can teach students like a career in ahead years or even tie-up with companies to offer them jobs.

In this scenario, the demand of courses is really high but the supply is limited.

Hence, if you can target your audience correctly, you can earn a good amount of money from this niche.

Some Professional Course Sub Niche Ideas

  • Professional Courses Sub topics:
  • Finance & Banking professional courses
  • Ecommerce related courses
  • Courses for Arts students

Pre School


sub niche blogging ideas

If you have any interest in educational topics, preschool can be a good profitable niche.

It’s natural for every single parent to get the best class education for their kids.

Nowadays, lots of parents are letting their kids to join pre-school to be ready before the actual schooling.

But, the real problem is that not much information is available online for the same.

Therefore, this can be one of the best opportunities for you to start your Pre School blog and teach parents on the same.

Some great Pre School Ideas include:

  • Pre schooling guide
  • Best Preschools in different locations
  • Pre-School educational syllabus

FAQ On Micro Niche Ideas


sub niche blogging ideas

Q1. Is it a good idea of creating a micro niche website?


Well, the best thing about creating your micro niche blog is that you will get less competition. With this, you can easily rank up the Google ladder and start earning, the best way.

Still, to let you know some of the best PROS of Micro Niche, I have jotted down some good ones for you

Pros of Micro Niche Sites


  • For a Keyword, you can rank quite easily without many efforts
  • A simple user-friendly website focused on one particular micro-niche can help you build authority
  • You don’t need to update the content every single time as monthly doing the same is fine
  • You can create tons of micro-niche websites, start driving traffic and make money from the same

Q2. How to Make Money from Micro Niche Websites?


To make money from micro niche sites, you can start offering information on your particular niche. Slowly, you can write a review on your micro-niche products and from where you can get commissions.

The best example is to create amazon affiliate niche websites. Here, you can write Amazon Product related reviews and earn commissions from the same.

Q3. Is there any tool that can help you find the Best Sub Niches?


Yes, currently, there are tons of different tools that can offer you different ways to find the best sub-niche.

One of the best tools is none other than SEMRush that I personally use. Indeed, it comes with different metrics where you can perform Keyword Research and even build Backlinks using SEMRush.


Also, SEMRush offers 14-Days Free Trial where you can try it, for absolutely free of cost.

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Well, by now, hope you have got the best micro niche for blogging 2020 that are all useful and worthy.

Based on your interest, you can effectively opt for any from the above micro niche blog ideas.

Thereafter, you can set up your blog, write articles, do the SEO, drive traffic and earn handsomely in the nearby future.

On the other hand, if you have any sort of questions, feel free to COMMENT BELOW and I will resolve each of your queries as soon as possible.



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