How to Start a Blog in India & USA 2021, Step by Step Guide [Under 30 Minutes]

Want to know How to Start a blog in India, USA and  other countries?

Well, that’s a great decision where you can earn over millions if you can know the step by guide answer to the question, “how to start a blog in 2020?”

Currently, there are millions of websites running where people are earning handsomely with the help of such blogs and websites.

This can be in the beauty niche or even the technology industry has been awarding quite good returns on the blog.

Also, I hope you must have loved to earn money while sleeping.

Well, this is the best thing for any person where steady cash flow can make you a millionaire in a very short duration.

So, what really you will get from this article?

Well, you will know the real answer to the question, “How to Start a blog in India, USA and  other countries’ with added bonuses and benefits.

You seem to be excited where becoming the next millionaire must be your wish.

Therefore, come along as we unwrap a stunning guide to let you become the next millionaire of the world.

How to Start a Blog in India, USA & Abroad (Complete A to Z Guide)

Step 1: Choosing a Niche for your Blog

how to start a blog in India

Well, choosing a niche for the blog is one of the most crucial steps. Currently, there are different sorts of niches where you cannot really penetrate in each of them.

In such a case, your interest comes into play where you can select a Niche based on your interest.

For example, if you like gaming, you can make a blog on gaming, gain traffic and earn money from tons of different ways.

Also, I have seen bloggers quitting the industry just because they chose the wrong niche.

Therefore, while choosing a niche, interest must be the center point where everything else will fall into place.

Still, Confused?

Let’s take a few examples of successful sites that are earning millions:


For Indians, if there is one site who is an inspiration for the bloggers, it has to be the ShoutMeLoud.

Yes, the internet world has seen the success of the site whereas currently, the site is making millions of dollars.

This is a good example of a niche site where it focuses solely on Blogging, SEO, WordPress and many more things related to blogging.

Here, visualizing the above image, you can see the earnings of ShoutMeLoud blog.

Well, all comes down to choosing a niche as per interest. Also, you must choose a niche that is profitable and has got a passion for that.

How can You Find a perfect Niche?

how to find a perfect niche

Tons of bloggers have failed miserably after selecting the wrong niche. This time, the same won’t happen as I have got for you a proven way that can help you select the best niche of your lifetime.

Visualizing the above image, you will see that profit, passion, and knowledge together combines a profitable niche.

If you can focus on the above two factors, things will get much easier for you to choose a good niche.

Some Secrets on Profitability

  • See if you can make a handsome amount of money from that?
  • Are there any affiliate programs for the niche?
  • Is the Niche Having enough Volume and Keywords?

Passion for the Blog

  • Are you really interested to work day and night on the niche?
  • Can you happily share the article of that particular niche?
  • Can you solve people’s life problems with the help of that niche?
  • Are you able to answer people’s questions?

Well, reading the above points, I hope you have got a pretty much fair idea to start off with a perfect niche.

Or else, you can also use a pen-paper and write down on your interest topics. Thereafter, you can simply choose the topic in which you find the most interest and then start writing blogs and earn, the best way.

Step 2: Choosing a Good Domain for your Blog

how to start a blog in India

Now, after you have chosen a particular niche for your blog, selecting a perfect domain can be a challenging task.

You cannot really choose a domain anyhow where much depends on the domain name.

When I began my blogging career, I made tons of mistakes while choosing a domain. Nearly 20 of my domain+ websites went wasted where that was the moment I realized the importance of a good domain name.

For my friends who are reading this article, I have got for you 4 brilliant tips that can help you find “THE PERFECT DOMAIN”.

  • Keep it Short and Simple

Yes, this is a term you must have heard in every aspect of life. In terms of domain, you must always keep the domain name short and simple.

Additionally, it must be quite easy to pronounce whereas for remembering, it must be in people’s minds.

For example, the name is unique, simple and signifies that the blog is all about health.

This makes people to remember the name easily and gives the freedom to visit the site and get health-related information.

  • Make use of Keyword

Your domain name must include the main keyword in every domain you buy. This helps to increase the ranking where SEO can do the rest of the work with great ease.

  • Don’t use numbers

Yes! Whenever you are choosing a domain name, you should never make use of numbers. People don’t remember numbers whereas choosing a word instead can be a brilliant thing.

  • Make use of the TLD Extension

While choosing a great domain name for your blog, you must choose a TLD Extension, at any point in time.

What does that mean?

Well, you must always use the .com extension whenever it is possible for maximum SEO and better results.

Which Blogging Platform is the Best?

Currently, there are different sorts of blogging platforms in the entire world. But, whenever we talk about a reliable blogging platform, WordPress is the one that comes into the minds of bloggers.

So, why you must choose WordPress?

Simply because in other blogging platforms, you cannot access and edit every single module.

But, in WordPress, you have the privilege to edit anything as per your style and needs.

Also, WordPress delivers an immense amount of themes and plugins that can amplify your user experience.

Step 3: Choosing the Fastest Hosting for your Blog

how to start a blog in India

Before you can actually answer the answer to the question, “How to Start a blog in India & USA?”, you will need a perfect hosting for your blog.

Yes, Hosting plays quite an integral part where all of your data and the files are hosted.

At the time of loading, each of the data loads right from the hosting server itself.

Still not understood?

Well, let’s take you through a pure definition of web hosting, right in this section.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a location where all the files of your blogs are stored in a secure way.

Similar to a computer hard disk where all of the data is stored, the same kind of concept is used in a web hosting scenario.

Now, you might be thinking which Web Hosting service provider can be the best one for you, Right?

Well, currently, there are tons of Web Hosting Providers but not all of them are brilliant.

Therefore, I did a lot of research and after a series of immense research, I have come up with one of the best Web hosting companies.

Any Guesses?

Well, it’s none other than A2 Hosting. Indeed, A2 Hosting has been claimed as one of the fastest web hosting companies on planet Earth.

They come with a revolutionary C panel and with faster hosting, Google is bound to bring your Website on the 1st Page of Google.

Additionally, A2 Hosting has always offered excellent discounted rates every single time.

Well, you seem to be excited?

So are We!

Let’s dive into the topic and uncover the complete Step by Step Guide of A2 Hosting.

Step by Step Guide to A2 Hosting

1. First of all, you can Click Here for activating your amazing 63% OFF Coupon on A2 Hosting.

2. Right after that, you will be redirected to the website where you can tap on the “Get Started Button”.

3. After this, you can choose any plan from the given plans.

Personally, I would recommend you to choose the “SHARED HOSTING”. It offers good website support and with 63% off on Yearly Plans, this is the best of all deals.

how to start blogging

Grab 63% off on A2 Hosting

4. After clicking on any plan, you will be redirected to the domain page. In this section, if you have a registered domain, you can enter the exact name in the 3rd field.

5. Or else, you can register a new domain with A2 Hosting that is affordable.

6. Right after you are done with the domain name, you will be taken to the A2 Hosting Buying Page.

7. In this case, after you have selected the domain, a new page will appear whereas the “DASH” coupon code will be automatically applied.

how to start blogging

8. Here, you can select the 12 months/one year plan or any other greater plans to avail the massive “63% OFF Discount”.

9. You can click on continue where you will be headed to the checkout page.

10. After the same, you can fill the complete form where you will have to add your PASSWORD and select a security question.

how to start blogging

11. For payment, you can choose from different options as given below.

how to start blogging

12. Once you have completed the payment, you will receive the payment confirmation receipt along with the Cpanel details and Name server on your email address.

13. That’s it. After you have followed the above processes, you can change the name servers in your domain company’s DNS

14. Or else, if you have registered the domain with A2 Hosting, itself, then there is no need to worry as the process will be much quicker.

Step 4 Set up your WordPress Blog

blog writers in india

Now, after you have chosen the World’s best hosting company, its time to set up your very first WordPress Blog.

Right now in this guide, I will let you know the entire process to set up your WordPress blog in a matter of minutes.

How to Set up your WordPress Blog?

1. First of all, you will need to go to the C-Panel of your A2 Hosting Account.

Here, you will have to log in where you can do the same with your login credentials.

how to start a blog in 2020

2. Now, in the C Panel, you will have to visit the Softaculous section where you will see WordPress.

3. In this case, you will see WordPress-A2 Optimized as the very first option.

4. Click on it and you will be taken right towards the installing page.

Now, you will have to be in the Install Tab for continuing with the installation.

5. Just Tap on the Install button right at the bottom of the page.

how to start blogging

6. Now, on the next page, you will have to deliver some details for the Softaculous to install and set up your WordPress site.

7. Even if you don’t have an SSL certificate, A2 Hosting offers you the free one where you can choose https://.

8. Or else, you can also choose http:// and proceed with the next set of steps.

9. Now, coming right at the choosing of domain field, you will have to type which domain you want to get hosted.

10. Thereafter, you can simply add the website name along with the description.

11. Right below that, you will see the login credentials for your very own WordPress account.

12. Also, A2 hosting will suggest a good username and a stronger password to protect your credentials.

13. More to it, the company also sends those credentials right to your email too.

how to start blogging

14. After filling all the above information, you will see the ‘INSTALL’ button right at the bottom center.

15. Below that you can fill your email address and tap on the Install Button.

16. Make sure that you don’t leave the page before the installation is done.

17. After you have completed the installation, you will see the given below page.

how to start blogging

18. Thereafter, you can navigate to the WordPress site by clicking right on the top link whee you can then access the administrative account.

Step 5: Choose the “PERFECT” Theme

how to start a blog in India

After you have successfully installed WordPress, it’s now time to revamp your website.

Yes, in blogging, everything runs on the First look and without a theme, you cannot really answer the question, “How to Start a blog in India & USA?”

Therefore, I have done all the research, hard work and have got for you two of the best WordPress Themes.

Also, in the WordPress inventory, there are tons of themes but all of them come with limited functionality.

If you want to make blogging, your full-time career, you will have to Purchase a PREMIUM THEME”.

Which Theme is the Best for You?

Personally, I use Divi Themes on tons of my affiliate websites where the theme is one of the lightest ones.

It loads super quickly and comes with tons of value-added features and functionalities.

Also, I loved the design of the theme where it offered different templates that you can import and start making your site, in no time.

Also, if you will purchase the Divi Themes, you can get the following things, pre-Installed.

  • Shortcode Plugins
  • Pre-Installed Templates (One-Click Install)
  • Contact form Plugins
  • Sharing Plugins
  • Font Icon Plugins
  • Price Table builders
  • Animation plugins
  • Divi Theme Builder
  • And much more…

Grab Divi Theme

Yes, once you will Purchase the Divi Themes, you will get all of the above Plugins, Pre-Installed.

This is a bonus for you whereas the theme has got a lot more to offer. Plus, they offer themes at much-discounted rates.

Still, searching for another theme?

Well, Generate Press is a theme that has been loved by tons of Bloggers.

With Generate Press, your Page can load within 50KB that is blazing fast. On top of that, the theme also comes with tons of value-added features too.

Checkboxes you must tick while choosing a perfect theme:

  • Always make sure that the themes are lightweight and easier to use.
  • Always check that the themes are mobile responsive.
  • Customer Support is the main thing that every theme must offer.

Well, considering the above checkboxes, Divi Themes and Generate Press are the two KING Themes that ticks every box.

Grab Generate Press Theme

Therefore, you can choose any of the above themes, Install them and see your website look Stunning, great and generate Traffic within a short span of time.

How to Install Theme on WordPress?

After you have purchased any of the above two themes, it’s now time to Install the Theme on WordPress.

In this case, you will have to log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Then, you can simply go into “APPEARANCE” and then “THEMES”.

1. Coming in the Theme Section, you will see the “Add New” icon on top of the screen.

2. Tap on that where you can simply Upload the Zip File of DiviThemes or Generate Press.

best wordpress themes 2020

3. The moment you have done the same, then you can activate your theme and start customizing it, your way.

Step 6: What about WordPress Plugins?

best wordpress plugins

Well, WordPress without the use of proper Plugins is simply nothing.

Every single plugin has got its functionality where it helps to optimize SEO, make sites load faster and delivers tons of new functionalities.

So, are you eager to know the list of my favorite plugins?

Let’s dive into another section and unwrap some of the proven and Tested WordPress plugins.

Thrive Architect

Currently, Thrive Architect is one of the biggest page builders you can ever find in the online market. Simply, it helps you to create the website page, “YOUR WAY” without any sorts of coding.

All you will need is to drag/drop and make your pages look beautiful and eye-catchy. Plus, the Thrive Architect is lightweight where you can use it to make stunning website pages, the way you want.

Yoast SEO

For ranking any website, SEO plays a major part. Yes, it helps to bring organic traffic and without SEO, the question, “How to Start a blog in India & USA?” is simply incomplete.

Therefore, if you want to optimize your posts as per the guidelines of Google, Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins.

Indeed, the plugin offers every sort of SEO optimization you will need to rank on the #1st Page of GOOGLE, organically.

Thrive Leads

For any website and online business, collecting email has been a gem to grow businesses.

Therefore, with the help of Thrive Leads, you can collect the emails of people and then pitch them to purchase your products and services.

From my level of testing, I have found Thrive Leads to be one of the most useful tools that have increased revenue of multiple sites.

You can give it a try too whereas the fees is minimum with maximum benefits.

How to Install and Activate WordPress Plugin?

Once you have selected any plugin to install, the next step will be to activate the same.

  1. First of all, you will have to go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Thereafter, you can go into the Plugins, then click on Add New.
  3. Now, you can upload your premium plugin zip file and then click on the ‘Install’ button.
  4. After it is done, you can activate the Plugin and start using the same.

Step 7: Some More Secret and Amazing Ways to Start Earning Money

how to make money online fast

As I promised, we are here right into the bonus part where you can earn money from your blog in different ways.

Before starting, I want to congratulate you on starting your very own blog and using the Premium A2 Hosting and my recommended themes.

Now, there are several ways that you can opt for to earn money right from your blog.

For your ease, I have jotted down a number of ways you can use to start your blog and earn millions.

Affiliate Marketing

In 2020 and beyond, if you want to make millions, Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways. Basically, in Affiliate marketing, you promote the products and services of other companies through your blog.

In case of any sale, you get the commission whereas the commission varies from company to company.

Right now lakhs of bloggers are using affiliate marketing and are earning millions within a short span of time.

Offering your Services

Secondly, if you are an expert in some field and you want to make money out of that, offering services can be a better deal.

Indeed, you can make your very own website, start solving people’s issues and continue earning, the online way.

For payments, you can integrate different online methods that can potentially help you to get the payments.

Well, this is probably one of the fastest way to earn money online through a website.

All that you need here some sort of skills that you can offer to people and earn money from the same.

Selling Product or any Course

If you are a master in either blogging or any field, you can gradually create your own product, promote it from your blog and earn money.

Yes, this is one of the most powerful ways to earn money where you can start the process by building trust.

Once you have an audience, then the way will be much simpler for you to make money from promoting your products and services.

FAQ: How to Start a blog in India & USA


Q1. How much it costs to Start a New Blog?

Generally, starting a blog will cost you around $3.50 a month. But, if you will purchase the A2 Hosting Yearly Plan, you can avail special discounts and get hosting at affordable rates.

Other than this, you can also purchase Thrive Themes whereas the pricing is affordable for that too.

Q2: How to Start a blog in India, USA and Make Money?

After you have purchased the theme, domain, and hosting, you can try Google AdSense initially to start your earnings. For this, you must have atleast 15 quality posts on your website after which you can apply for Google AdSense.

Asides AdSense, you can try affiliate marketing or even promote products to make greater revenue from your blog.

Q3. How to get traffic to my Blog?

Well, after you have started your blog, you can focus on the On-Page and Off-Page SEO to generate traffic for your blog.

It will consume the time of about six months but if your SEO game is up and ready, you can generate traffic to your blog, the organic way.

Q4. What are the Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic?

Given below are some of the best tips and tricks to increase your blog traffic:

  1. Smartly select the topic
  2. Do On-Page SEO, the perfect way
  3. Promote your blog on social channels
  4. Make sure to use long-tail keywords
  5. Be sure that your site loads fast
  6. Target low competition keywords.

Wrapping Up: How to start a blog in India USA & Abroad

Currently, there are thousands of successful bloggers in India and abroad that are earning millions from their blogs.

Also, by now you must have got the answer to the question, “How to Start a blog in India & USA”.

This is just the starting where you can start your first blog, do SEO, learn affiliate marketing, promote your products and earn handsomely in the long run.

Also, if you want to get exclusive tips and tricks to drive traffic to your blog and “ONLINE MONEY EARNING TIPS”, you can join our Exclusive Free Blogging Community where you can learn Blogging, The Fastest Way.

If you have any doubts, I will help you out personally right in the Facebook group itself. Yes, it’s absolutely free where you can join the group and avail yourself benefits the never known way.

Lastly, I don’t ask anything from you than just “Sharing” this Useful article. If you have friends who want to start blogging, this article will help them in tons of ways.

Therefore, go ahead, start your very first blog, put in the hard work, and earn millions, in the brighter future.

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