Hostinger Review India 2021-2022: Is This The Best Cheap Hosting?

Are you curious about the best hosting till now? Are you looking forward to Hostinger India? Is the purchase of a Hostinger worth it? Shouldn’t something be said about Hostinger review India? If yes, well then in this article you are going to get all the answers.

Today, in this article we have discussed the Hostinger hosting review in India.

You would get to know all of the pros and cons of Hostinger web hosting.

About the Hostinger plans and which one of them is best suitable for you.

So, get ready to dig into the Hostinger reviews and get to know whether it rescues your problems or proves loss in purchasing it.

No doubt, that choosing web hosting is a very tacky job but after all, you are not alone.

I have done research on many of the factor and then we have come to its positive as well as negative impacts and finally concluded about Hostinger India review.

To get familiar with all of the facts of Hostinger review India you have to read the entire article so that you can decide whether to purchase it or not.

So, let’s dig into it without wasting much time.

Hostinger Review India


In the current scenario, Hostinger has earned big fame in the world of the hosting industry.

The journey of Hostinger was started in 2004 with the name of ‘Hostinger media’.

At that initiation period, Hostinger web hosting aimed to help the people for creating their website and built their business brighter.

Then, the best version of Hostinger launched in 2007 and that was very famous worldwide, named 000webhost.

This version of Hostinger comes up with the free hosting service. And as it was free of cost, the Hostinger reviews were booming across the world.

When they reached the 1 million user base, they changed the company name to today’s ‘Hostinger’.

Meanwhile, by 2017 the company was successful in powering the website of nearly 30 million users and that too from 178 countries.

According to the statics, the growth percentage of this company since 2017 is 70% which means they are recording 8000 new users per day.

As per the latest information regarding Hostinger review India, the company has about 500 employees to keep its service scale running.

Now, probably you must have more interest in knowing “is the purchasing of Hostinger worth it or not” compared to knowing its history, right!

So, what are you waiting for, go through the following each feature of Hostinger in detail, and by doing this, you would be able to understand the Hostinger review India more thoroughly.

8 reasons why Hostinger is worth purchasing


1. Fast Server Response Time

hostinger review India

Talking about Hostinger review India, it is quite expensive to afford. Indeed, Hostinger is not a low-cost web hosting.

But it is the cheapest best hosting. Now, the best one has the right to ask for more value compared to others.

So, if you want the best hosting then must give a shot to Hostinger and it would provide you the reason for the expensive payout.

Now, let’s get familiar with its fast server response time. In terms of hosting language, server response determines the quality of hosting service.

Do you know that when you search anything on google it shows the result in just 200 ms, this 200 ms is variable of server response on time.

Now, if this server time gets above 250 ms then you would think that it’s a lagging problem.

Hence, the server response is recommended nearly to 200 ms, and thanks to Hostinger that it has a good server response under recommended.

Considering this point as one of the best in Hostinger review India, it might convince you to purchase it.

Talking about the worldwide average server response time of Hostinger, it’s nearly 180 ms and shockingly it is just 60 ms in the US.

These numbers are just so impressive to convince any of the hosting providers.

2. It’s Excessively Affordable

hostinger review India

Being not biased in terms of Hostinger review India, the low-cost and Hostinger’s price is not on the same line.

There’s are various plans available on Hostinger, if you want to go with the minimum payout. then give a shot to their shared hosting as well as managed WordPress plan.

This plan is under a dollar per month but the plan is only valid if you are going to buy it for 48 months. After all, you can call it Hostinger’s business tactics.

According to our research for Hostinger review India, we can ensure you that their business plan and premium plan are affordable as they provide the best service quality compared to others.

There’s nothing more change in their price as it is quite similar to other basic hosting ones.

You might have heard a lot about shared and managed plans, but you might have hardly heard about Hostinger’s VPN and cloud plans.

These plans are also cheap and if you are looking for high-performance as well as flexibility then VPN and cloud plans are the perfect fit for you.

So, to conclude the price in terms of Hostinger review India, it is not at all expensive when you look at its standard of service and features.

We will discuss the Hostinger plans later in this article.

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3. The Best feature of All- Sleek Control Panel


In this, there are various outlooks for Hostinger review India which depends on the users’ ideology.

Some of the users take the control panel of the Hostinger as the plus point and some take it can minus one. The reason?

Do you know that most hosting providers utilize cPanel’s service? What’s that? cPanel is very well known in terms of Linux-based control panel and it’s particularly for web hosting.

It is a software and its role is to facilitate the management of web hosting servers.

But unlikely other hosting providers, the Hostinger utilizers its own control panel and that is hpanel.

And saying as per the Hostinger review India, many of the users just love this feature of Hostinger.

Now, you might have a question that what’s the difference between cPanel and hpanel, right?

Then let’s clear it out. The creator is the main difference between cPanel and hpanel.

The cPanel hosting servers carry the license from cPanel for implementing their platform of management.

However, hpanel is Hostinger’s own control plan which is created by their awesome developer team.

And the majority of the people who use the hpanel have responded positively to Hostinger review India.

As per the UI/UX standpoint, the hpanel has undoubtedly given 10/10 as well as from the functional point too.

With the help of hpanel you can manage a lot of things at a time in a short period such as emails, domains, IP, database, and much more.

Thanks to Hostinger that you can go for the crown jobs, get SSL installed, an opportunity to have SSH access, import website, etc.

According to the Hostinger India review, its control panel is the reason for giving a shot to it.

4. Its Speed is just Unbelievable

speed hostinger

Website speed plays a very crucial role and in that, hosting has a significant role. Do you know that site that gets loaded in just five seconds can have 70% longer average sessions? and if the website load time gets 100 ms delayed then it can hurt the conversion rate by 7%

Moreover, according to reports it has been said that the website bounce rate can be increased up to 103% if its load time is delayed by 2 secs.

To be precise, the speed of any website is a priority consideration.

Hostinger is knowns best for their customer, and thus, they have got well-equipped hardware as well as software combination.

Their chosen hardware and software are also appreciated in Hostinger review India.

Do you want to know the reason behind this appreciation? If yes, then look out at which software and hardware win the appreciation.

Talking about the hardware, Hostinger utilizes SSD storage which is way better than traditional HDD. Its SSD storage is loved by the users according to the Hostinger review India.

Now, where the Hostinger wins the appreciation is from the side of its selection of software.

The software which Hostinger utilizes is known as the Litespeed Web server, it is nothing but a proprietary web server software.

According to the report, when this software was benchmarked against the most famous Nginx and Apache server, Litespeed shocked everyone with its result and that was up to 12 times faster.

You might be thinking that what the difference between Litespeed and Nginx as well as the Apache server!

The only reason behind most of the web hosting companies’ approach for Apache and Nginx is because they are open sources and free of cost.

Meanwhile, Litespeed is owned privately and it is not open sources as it costs.

But if you are looking forward to building the WordPress site then the payout for Litespeed server would be worth it.

Moreover, Hostinger has added one more plus point and to be noted in Hostinger review India, that is the reason behind its high speed is its multi-level caching solution.

And once it gets combined with WordPress sites, you can imagine the super-speed it contains.

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 5. The best element you can ever get for WordPress

hostinger review India

You must be known to the fact if you are using Hostinger that one-third of the websites on the interest has been powered by WordPress.

And as per the report given for Hostinger review India, many of the users have achieved better performance tweaks to run the WordPress based sites much faster.

As we have already discussed the Litespeed cache. What the role of Litespeed cache in WordPress account? It simply helps the users to access the often-called pages as quickly as possible.

Moreover, you must know about one thing mentioned in the report of Hostinger review India, that it gives the outstanding performance by implementing HTTP/2, NGINX, and PHP.

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6. Multiple datacenters of Hostinger makes it worth choosing

hostinger data center

Do you believe that entire worldwide connectivity is wireless? Then let us inform you that each connectivity across the world is connected with the huge optic cable including sea and land.

Imagine, your site’s data is saved in US datacenter and anyone from India wills to go through your website.

Then in this scenario, the Indian individual would have to wait until the web browser comes in contact with the physical data.

Suppose that location is 13000 Km away. Now, the Indian individual would get to access your website in just a matter of hundreds or above ms.

Now, this waiting could get shorter if there are multiple data centres in different locations.

Now, according to the study regarding Hostinger review India, it consists of 7 datacenter in different countries which includes Lituania, Singapore, US, UK, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, your job in this is that you just have sought for datacenter which is nearest to location and your target audience would get the best benefits that directly benefit you as well.

Hence, this point has the highest importance in Hostinger review India.

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7. Money-back Guarantee

money back

We would like to share the win-win deal in terms of Hostinger review India, if you find anything problematic by using Hostinger then you can claim in the first 30 days.

Moreover, you can try and test this web hosting for a month and if it doesn’t meet your requirements then don’t worry, your money is in safe hands. Claim for money return and it would be on your doorstep.

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8. Customer support is at its best

hostinger review India

If you looking for something in Hostinger review India out of its technical features then it would be sure about its customer support, right?

So, let us introduce you to its excellence in customer support as well.

Looking as per the technical support side, it provides 24/7/365 days live chat.

Or if you are not interested in live chat then you can send mail or raise a ticket as well.

Now, looking as per the knowledge-based support side, their entire support team is very familiar with each technical aspect of hosting.

And the plus point to be noted in Hostinger review India about its customer support is that it consists of a multilingual support team.

Hence, you are free to talk in your native language.

Moreover, regarding Hostinger review India, it doesn’t take much time to meet the real person in live chat. Moreover, if you find the support lagging somewhere, then you can give a shot to “priority support”.

For getting this support, you have to purchase it while purchasing Hostinger’s plan.

Now, the above features would have convinced you that why Hostinger is worth buying.

Even according to Hostinger review India, the results of its speed and uptime shocked everyone when tested in Bangalore, India.

Now, if you have considered Hostinger in your priority list then let’s dig into its plan so that you can choose the best deal for yourself.

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About Hostinger Plans

Hostinger plans India

As we have already mentioned earlier that its business plan and premium plan are not on parallel lines. Besides these two, there’s the cheapest plan of all and that is single shared hosting.

All of these plans’ payout is considered as a perfect fit according to Hostinger review India. So, let’s discuss these three one-by-one in detail.

1. Single hosting plan:

  • The price- 59 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have-

10 GB disk space, 1 FTP user, 1 MySQL database, 10 GB bandwidth, an Email account, 1 cronjob, LSCWP, easy website builder, the support 24/7/365.

The additional thing that you would be obsessed with this pricing is that you would be able to host a particular website with a minimal allocation of resources.

These many features in just this price are not at all bad according to Hostinger review India.

2. Premium hosting plan:

  • The price: 119 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have-

Unlimited Emails as well as bandwidth, grab the chance to get double the processing of power and memory.

The chance to host unlimited websites and 20 GB disk space weekly backup and registration for domain free of cost.

According to the Hostinger review India, this plan is worth it if you want to build your career in web hosting.

Or else, if you don’t want to directly subscribe to this plan then you can test Hostinger via a single shared hosting plan first.

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3. Business hosting plan:

  • The price: 219 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have:

All the benefits of premium one and additional resources are free SSL, double the power, 30 GB storage, and daily backup.

Working in business, there’s a much thing to do and hence, you would might forget to do backups. In this case, Hostinger is the lifesaver!

Hence, the above were the three shared plans which are mostly talk about when it comes to Hostinger review India.

But there are the other two plans as well and that would surely meet your requirements.

Before, digging into it you must know that Hostinger has also managed with WordPress Plans.

All the WordPress managed plans are:

  • Single WordPress hosting plan
  • Premium WordPress hosting plan
  • Business WordPress hosting plan

These above plans would provide you the better performance for any of the WordPress sites regarding speed, connectivity, and server response time.

Now, as you are known to WordPress plans, let’s dig into the other two plans that you should know.

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1. Hostinger Cloud Plans

cloud hosting

You will get three cloud plans of Hostinger and they are:

1. Plan for cloud startups:

  • The price: 599 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have:

2 CPU cores, 12x processing memory as well as power, 3 GB RAM, dedicated IP address. All the benefits of shared plans such as free domain as well as SSL.

2. Plan for cloud professional:

  • The price: 1,099 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have:

Double the speed boost, 4 CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD, and the most heavenly resource, 24x memory, and power.

3. Plan for cloud global:

  • The price: 2,699 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have:

To host up to 300 websites, 16 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD storage, 8 CPU cores, unlimited bandwidth, 4x speed boost, isolated resources, free domain registration, free dedicated IP, cache manager, email accounts, 1-click app installer, powerful control panel, multiple PHP versions.

The database size is 6 GB, 3200000 inode count, the entry processes are 150 and active processes are about 300. All the benefits of shared plan ones.

Hence, the above was all about the cloud plans. These plans are best if you are working on large scale projects.

But if you are looking for the dedicated server for super admin access then according to Hostinger review India till now, the VPN Hostinger plan is the ideal option for you.

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2. Hostinger VPS hosting plan

Hostinger VPN hosting plan

There are three plans of VPS as well and they are

1.One vCPU core plan:

  • The price: 285 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have:

1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, 3513 Geekbench source, 1 TB bandwidth, 100 Mb/network, IPV4 and IPV6 support, and full root access.

2. 2 vCPU core plan:

  • The price: 638 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have:

2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD storage, 5363 Geekbench source, and 2 TB bandwidth, and all the benefits of 1 vCPU core plan.

3. 3 vCPU core plan:

  • The price: 925 rupees/month
  • The resources you would have:

3 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD storage, 7545 Geekbench source, and 3 TB bandwidth, and thanks to all of the 1 vCPU core plan that would be able to have it all in this plan as well.

Hence, the above was all about the VPS plans. VPN hosting is also preferable for the large-scale project but its elements run on single servers only.

Final verdict

Hostinger is the best provider for the ultimate Web Hosting.

So far, we have gone through various Hostinger review India, we recognized that the Hostinger has more value and deals in less money.

Hence, Hostinger is just like the cherry on the top for your website hosting career, so you must give a shot to it.


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