Hostarmada Review 2021: The Best Affordable Hosting? [2021 Updated]

The world is altering so is the ultimate fate of web hosting. Individuals are continually searching for the best out of the best. So here we are today with HostArmada review 2021.

This can be on your Wishlist if you desire faster yet affordable web hosting for your WordPress website because this is reliable plus budget-friendly.

We as a whole realize that web hosting is one of the indispensable things that help you get an effective site.

Talking of speed, user experience, security, probably everything depends on your web host. So why not get the best!

If you are a newbie, then be smarter! Choose the host that provides you with great offers and at the same time is affordable! When you think of this, then you must think of HostArmada.

And also, my HostArmada reviews is great as it will offer you with the best of all information.

Today we will be looking at the latest HostArmada review 2021.

We will be testing out the hosting features and simultaneously some other performance tests for you to decide whether it is the web hosting you are looking for.

In deep these are all the topics that we will discuss:

  • What are HostArmada and its data centers?
  • The user interface.
  • HostArmada hosting performance along with the reports.
  • The list of the features they offer plus points of using their hosting
  • Benefits, demerits, rates, and much more.

So now, get ready to get deep in details! Let’s get started With the HostArmada review.

HostArmada Review 2021: What is HostArmada?

Before starting with the HostArmada review we must know what it is actually Hostarmada hosting.

The HostArmada is a cloud SSD grounded platform the offers 99.9% uptime plus a super-fast website experience utilizing 24/7/365 patron care assistance.

Even though HostArmada is new in the game as it was launched in the year 2019 but they are quicker in being popular all because of their features, rates, and of course fast connectivity!

This raises the HostArmada review being a much worthy one.

Talking of present then HostArmada owns 9 data centers all across the globe to offer a quicker website experience to the users. This thing has helped them to get better HostArmada reviews.

The list of their data centers

  • Bangalore, India
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Fremont, California, USA.
  • Dallas, Texas, USA.
  • Singapore
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Toronto, Ontario, CA
  • Newark, New Jersey, USA

List of features HostArmada provides

We have compiled a list of all the awesome features HostArmada provides that can be the reason for positive HostArmada review:

  • Regular backups
  • Cloud SSD Storage
  • Free SSL for all websites
  • No limits on emails and databases
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 customer support access
  • Free site transfers
  • Offers 99.9% uptime
  • Web server cache
  • 1-touch WordPress install
  • 45 days of a money-back guarantee

Starting a blog on HostArmada

Are you not satisfied with your present web hosting choice? or do you want a fresh host that is affordable and simultaneously is full of features? In the occurrence that certainly, at that point you probably go over HostArmada. If you want a step-by-step simple tutorial on getting started with HostArmada then we are here for you.

From their site, you will be able to notice that their shared hosting plans can be bought at $2.69 per month.

You just have to normally click on “plans and pricing” and then you will three shared hosting plans. If you have decided to stay on a tight budget and just want to host a single site, then you must opt for the Start Dock plan which also has good mentions in the HostArmada review.

Or else if you are thinking of hosting many sites then we recommend you to opt for either speed reapers or web wrap plans as they permit the user to install as many sites as they want.

Once you are done with choosing an apt plan, then they will redirect you to their domain registration or transfer page.

PS: – HostArmada provides you with free domain registration for as long as you be their customer. You are also permitted to use your existing domain from some other registrar if you are only looking for hosting. From HostArmada reviews it’s clear that this also has been a great feature.

After you are done with all these, they will take you to their billing cycle. Now choose the billing cycle that will think will work best for you. Just take off one thing that if you choose for the 36-month billing cycle they are going to charge you according to their basic plan for three years that is $2.69 per month.

If you go for their one-year plan think twice about it because then after the completion of one year you will be charged more because of their high renewal rates. This can be a notable point when it comes to the HostArmada review as this is kind of something that makes people think about it twice.

Also, make sure to pick the closest server farms to your intended interest group so you can furnish them with the most ideal speed insight. After that, proceed to the payment and, they will send you a confirmational email from them.

If you choose the basic plan that is Dock, then they will provide you with a free domain plus one year of hosting just for $33. Don’t you this is something irresistible?

As soon as you purchase their hosting plan, you will be able to contact their support team for the installation of SSL certificates, WordPress, and much more. Did we tell you that’s it’s all free?

HostArmada user Interface: How good is it?

user interface Hostarmada


Well, talking of HostArmada review and not mentioning the interface is inappropriate! Then, the user interface of it is very convenient.

You will be able to manage everything starting from the host billing cycle to services, literally everything!

Discussing on their cPanel then they provide you with a cPanel quick access functionality in which you can manage the email accounts, file manager, and everything else like the add-ons, databases.

HostArmada performance and the speed test

HostArmada review 2021

While going through some HostArmada reviews we saw there were tests conducted to check the speed of HostArmada and, we have the results.

The test showed up that their speed is extremely fast and, their performance has rated A grade and including a YSlow score of 92%. This is perhaps the greatest factor influencing the HostArmada reviews.

Just a quick reminder for you that always choose the nearest hosting data center to your clients.

This provides them with one of the best loading times because the website speed and performance are affected by the hosting data center you choose.

We also have another testing report of HostArmada review from Bitcatcha. From the result that they have provided, it is crystal clear that the overall response time across the world is no doubt faster with an A+ performance.

What are the Plus Points of using HostArmada?

HostArmada review 2021

When talking about the HostArmada review, this is an important thing to mention. So now that we have so far what do you think can be your reason to choose HostArmada when there are still many other web hosting sites available?

What does the HostArmada provide? Let us help you. Below are the top 5 biggest benefits of choosing HostArmada over other hosting sites explained in the simplest way.

1.    Quicker site loading times-

If you are a blogger or have started it in a while then you might have heard about the importance of speed of the loading sites.

The faster the site is, the happier the customers are plus it also aids with better SEO (as google loves speed). This has been a great factor in getting a positive HostArmada review.

Google has also even indicated that the web page speed or the website speed is one of the signals that the included in ranking the page. Google doesn’t like web pages that take too much time to load as it greatly affects the user experience.

Backlinko once conducted an experiment in which they analyzed nearly one million search results on google and found out that the average website load speed of any given site was a big factor in ranking higher.

So now if you are looking for one of their fastest websites hosting to serve up to your site, then you must at least try HostArmada as with their technology you will be able to improve your overall website’s loading timing.

If you are thinking that how HostArmada does provides such great web page speed then here is the answer-

  • They use cloud SSD drives. (quicker than the usual reading writing time, plus it is 300% quicker than the old HHD)
  • To speed up the WordPress websites they take the help of the LiteSpeed cache.
  • Memcached cache.
  • Memcached reserve.
  • Provides free Cloudflare CND so anyone perusing your site from anywhere anyplace across the world can experience quicker loading times.
  • Brotli compression (this reduces the page size also the page loading time).

Above and over, HostArmanda uses the LiteSpeed webserver that is way better than both the NGINX and Apache web servers.

2.    Less number of clients in each server

Plenty of people are using the shared hosting plans just because of a single reason:” affordability”. Indeed, shared hosting is much more affordable for each one.

But there is a big concern when it comes to shared hosting plans that the hosting resources are shared with numerous persons right on the same server.

You might now think that what might be the concern related to too many people using the resources of a single server? Then the answer is that its slowdowns!

Each site loading on it takes a lot of time to load. Even people may face frequent downtime issues too because of it.

One of the best things about using the latest web hosting platforms is that there will be much fewer persons using the same server.

It ultimately means that each will better resources like speed, low server load, CPU, performance, so on.

Not just that, even all the shared hosting plans come with cloud SSD drives and they are better as they give 300% faster performance than HDD drives.

3.    Migration of site is free

Are you not so satisfied with your current web hosting? Are you looking for a better hosting site like HostArmanda to migrate it? Then relax! As you can do this effortlessly on the HostAramdna as they offer free migration of site service!

To migrate your hosting, you just have to contact their customer service, get their hosting plan, then just ask for the free migration. The rest of all they will do it for you!

Moreover, you can also take the advantage of their other free of cost services like-

  • WordPress installation (yes you heard it right! They can also install WordPress for no cost)
  • SSL certificate installation for free.
  • Free renewal of SSL on every domain for as long as they pointed to their hosting service.
  • Free transfer of the WordPress sites.

The cherry on the topping! They also provide a free domain name and they will renew it for you at no cost for as long you be their customer.

So here is an awesome opportunity if you still haven’t bought a domain yet and are still searching for an affordable cost to run your website. You may see this a lot of time while going through the HostArmada review.

4.    Bulletproof security

One of the most vital points when it comes to HostArmada review is the security it provides. You may not have heard of it but a thousand WordPress sites are getting hacked every single day!

So, if even for once your site gets hacked then know that it has got infected with the malware, and most of the time hackers use the site to redirect the users into some other malicious sites. There are many witnesses of this!

This is why you have to be very careful of the security even if you are running a new site. Whenever it comes to the security of the site then web hosting has a major role in it.

Fortunately, the HostArmada hosting surrounding is all having tons of unbelievable security features to provide the sites best security on their servers.

Below we have compiled a list of their notable features-

  • Connection limit use. This permits for the requests our second from an IP address to be a particular limit. This thing lowers the risk of DoS attacks.
  • The WAF or the web firewall solution is also offered that takes care of the XSS attacks, SQL injection, and many other similar threats.
  • Prevention of the DDoS attacks or the distributed denial of service attacks.
  • Counteraction of the DDoS assaults or the disseminated disavowal of administration assaults.

Above all this, they also do regular scanning of malware, intrusion detection, live security, proactive zero-day attack, plus much more.

Grab Hostarmada Hosting

5.    Prove the customers a lot of freebies

Last but not least! Here is another reason for you to choose HostArmada over another hosting. There is a whole compilation of the freebies that they offer to their customers.

Last but not least! Here is another reason for you to choose HostArmada over other hosting and giving some positive HostArmada review. There is an entire arrangement of the gifts that they present to their patrons.

SSL certificates for free

You must know that SSL certifications are vital if you want a secured website or a domain from the HTTP to the HTTPS secured version plus, they make secure encrypted connectivity among the server and the browser.

We don’t know if you are aware or not but Google gives more weightage to the sites/domains with HTTPS.

HostArmada provides their customers with free SSL certifications for their unlimited number of domains (depending on the hosting plan you purchase).

The best thing? Well, they will also install the SSL certifications for you at no cost if you need help.

6. Daily backups are free

it is a tiresome job when it comes to the daily backup and maintenance of the website. But it is very vital to take daily backups if you want all your website data to save with you.

Mostly the web hosting doesn’t offer a free backup or else they will charge you with a premium for getting backups but need not worry if you have HostArmada as they provide this for free!

The better thing about HostArmada is that every cloud SSD hosting plan has automated cPanel backup serviced and this is activated by default. So, you don’t have to burden with the documents in case you by mistake misplace your information.

7. Free register of the domain and transfer of domain

nearly every web hosting firm charges extra money if you want to register a domain name. luckily, HostArmada does not charge any fee for the registration and transfer of the domain.

Better thing? Well, you don’t charge a penny for the renewal of the domain as long as you be their customer.

8. Private DNS for free

Apart from their basic shared hosting plan, you are provided with free access to their private DNS. A private Domain Name server or a DNS is often made with a domain that you control to replace nameservers allotted to you from your web host.

A huge compilation of mind-blowing hosting features, isn’t it? But what about the prices? So now let’s get to one of the main things about the hosting sites that are their prices.

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HostArmada Hosting plans

Hostarmada pricing

Till now you must have been baffled by all the awesome features and freebies they offer to their customer but are this all worth it of the plans? Let’s check it now.

HostArmada provides its customers with three hosting plans in its managed cloud SSD shared hosting environment that are-

  1. Start dock
  2. Web wrap
  3. Speed reaper

Now let’s talk about each of them in detail along with their pricing and the features.

1.    Start Dock

one of their most affordable and the cheapest shared plan. This hosting plan from the HostArmada will cost you just $3.99 each month in which they will provide you with the following hosting limits:

  • 15 GB cloud SSD storage
  • Install 1 site
  • 2 cores CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Domain registration and transfer for free
  • This is good for the sites having up to ~10000 unique viewers.
  • 7 regular backups.

2.    Web Wrap

If you are searching to install unlimited domains or sites then this is the plan for you. This will cost you up to $4.69 each month plus provides you the following features.

  • Installation of unlimited sires
  • 30 GB of cloud SSD storage
  • 4 core CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Domain registration is of no cost
  • You get up to three free domain transfers
  • This is decent for the sites that have nearly 60,000 unique visitors
  • 14 daily backups are provided
  • You get private DNS for free

3.    Speed reaper

Looking for unlimited site speed? Here is the plan for you! This hosting plan can cost you $5.66 per month plus offers you the following features.

  • Install limitless websites
  • 40 GB cloud SSD storage
  • 6 core CPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • You can transfer the domain five times for free
  • This is suitable for websites having up to 120,000 unique visitors
  • 21 daily backups
  • Private DNS is free
  • LiteSpeed webserver
  • For WordPress dynamic LS cache

If you desire to upgrade to any higher plan as we know that the site grows so you can also do that conveniently.

You just have to visit their “upgrade center” that you get from the HostArmada client location then just the plan that you think will be better for your website.

If you are still not satisfied and want more up-gradation then you can contact their technical support team who are available 24/7 and they will help you out.

Grab Hostarmada Hosting

Pros and cons of HostArmada

We have compiled a whole list of benefits and shortcomings of having HostArmada as a hosting site.


  • HostArmada is known to have a smaller number of clients in each server that ultimately aids you with high-speed loading time great connectivity.
  • The shared hosting plan of HostArmada can be bought at just $2.69 per month and you know what? They are so cheaper than their competitors!
  • They offer you a free domain as long as you be their customer, and if you have used any hosting plan you do know that no other host provides you with a free domain for as long as you be their customers, they only give you a free domain that lasts one year.
  • They offer free daily backups that are stored remotely.
  • It has a managed control panel.
  • You can migrate the website for free.
  • They won’t charge you extra if you want to cancel the service.
  • They offer a 45-day of the money-back guarantee.
  • It has great customer support which operates 24/7/365
  • To provide the best connectivity they have deployed 9 data centers around the globe.
  • Alongside their every facilitating plan they give a simplified site developer free of charge.
  • They provide SSD storage along with every plan.
  • The security is great as they provide many layers of security firewalls to resist your website from security vulnerabilities.


  • Talking of the demerits then their promotional pricing plans are only valid till the first sign-up term. In the renewal, the regular pricing will be charged. So we suggest you go with the triennial plans so that you could save on their hosting plan.

So now you very well know of the demerits and benefits of HostArmada. What do you believe is this adequate to be your Hosting site?

HostArmada review 2021 from their users

So far, we know that HostArmada is somehow better than other hosting websites but what do their users have to say about it? Let’s find out this from different platforms.

·         TrustPilot

On Trustpilot, it’s very much clear that most of the users are happy with it and, it can be seen that HostArmada has been great (4.8 out of 5).

·         On Facebook

Again, here we can see that users have given a five star to HostArmada hosting.

So yes, so far, we can see that users are satisfied with the HostArmada hosting features and their services.

What about their customer service support?

As we have mentioned earlier that their customer service is operated 24/7/365 and you can contact them either by phone or ticketing system or live chat.

Individuals have additionally said that their client assistance is extraordinary and they react in a split second.

And who doesn’t like fast responses? For their existing hosting customers HostArmada provides free support by phone.

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Answering the FAQs

HostArmada review 2021

  • What is HostArmada?

Well, HostArmada is one of the fastest-growing web hosting firms which provides their customers with the most attractive and creative approaches to cloud SSD web hosting solutions.

  • Is Host Armada’s WordPress hosting cloud-based?

Indeed, their WordPress web hosting plans are all powered by a cloud platform and are virtualized with the KNM virtualization technology which takes cares that each web hosting server could use up to 100% dedicated resources.

  • How reliable is the HostArmada WordPress hosting?

99.9% uptime, updated web hosting surrounding, security patches, plus constant servers’ monitoring makes it up a steady plus reliable web hosting service.

  • How secure will the sites be with HostArmada WordPress hosting service?

The HostArmada experienced technical staff plus their system administration team have to build up a developed security solution that is followed by time-tested protocols and this cover-up approximately 99% of the net attacks and it tries to patch any vulnerability at a server level.

In a nutshell: Hostarmada Review 2o21

HostArmada has now quickly established itself as one of the best Hosting firms. It offers quicker and much more secure web hosting that comes with 24/7/365 customer service.

Even more, the pricing plans of HostArmada are truly affordable!

There are a ton of awesome features that they provide to their customers like free migrations, SSD Storage, free domain, backups, good security, and so on. This can be the reason that HostArmada 2021 is really good.

Presently the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? You have seen the most recent HostArmada review 2021.

Now you know all the benefits and demerits of having a hosting plan from HostArmada.

You can now compare it to other hosting companies and choose the best one according to your requirement and budget. Also, tell us about your HostArmada review experience right in the comment section.


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