Blog Description: SECRET TIPS to Master the Perfect Description (2021)

Are you eager to rank your Website right on the #1st Page of Google? Yes, it’s a dream of every single blogger who is trying to master every single strategy. But, when it comes to writing a perfect blog description, many of them fail miserably.


Right in this guide, I am here to help you out for writing “THE PERFECT” Blog Description of your lifetime.

Yes, I have jotted down some brilliant description examples that can potentially help you out to write a “STUNNING BLOGGING DESCRIPTION”.

What’s more? I have got for you some excellent travel blog description along with entertainment blog description examples.

Therefore, without wasting even a single second, let’s jump into the topic and unlock the Actionable Tips to Master a Perfect Blog Description.

Actionable Blog Description Secrets


Pick a Good Niche

First of all, we will go through the types of Blog Description that will make things, much clearer for you:

1. Blog Description

This type of description is for the homepage that appears right below the site link in the SERP results.

2. Post Description

Usually, the post description appears below the blog post in the SERP.

Well, if you can master the description of blogs along with the post one, you can quickly climb up the ladder and be on the #1st Page of Google.

How to Write a Blog Description?

For every article that is indexed by Google, a perfect Blog Description is one of the most essential elements.

With the help of Homepage description, it helps users to know about the type of things your blog is covering.

Secret Tips to Create an Amazing Blog Description



  • Explain about your Website
  • Always Showcase your Expertise
  • Write in a Precise and Simple Way
  • Make Sure to add eye-catchy words in Description
  • Tell about your identity and brand

Right now, hope you have got some coolest blog description WordPress ideas. Therefore, in the next section, we will explore some good examples of a great blog description.

Proven Examples of Blog Description


Well, you must know some proven examples of a great Blog Description.

I have tried my best to bring to you some amazing Blogger description ideas, right in front of you.

1. ShoutmeLoud



Why it’s perfect? Because their description clearly depicts that the blog has won several awards.

Plus, they cover every single topic such as WordPress, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and many more in a detailed manner.

This lets the users check their blog out of curiosity so that they can also start their blogging journey.

2. Healthline


blog writing examples

Why it’s perfect? Because the blog has been running for years and has gained authority in the health niche.

Further, their description says that they deliver expert guidance which means they have hired medical professionals.

With this, people choose the website where they can seek help from experts and medical professionals.

3. Backlinko



Why it’s perfect? Quite clearly, Backlinko has gained immense popularity in the backlink/ blogging niche.

Plus, their blog description adds some catchy lines such as to gain backlinks that urges people to tap on the website link.

Also, they are using ‘backlinks’ as their keyword that particularly helps them to rank up the ladder of blogging.

4. The Adventure Junkies



Why it’s perfect? Because the site clearly depicts that they are experts in different hiking and outdoor guide.

Also, the description offers ‘ learning resources’ where people can visit the site and learn the A to Z of camping/hiking.

5. Engadget


blog writing examples

Why it’s perfect? Because the website is showing their worth by displaying their date as 2004.

This gradually helps the users to visit such an old website where they know they will get some of the best articles on technology.

Entertainment Blog Descriptions


We live in a world where entertainment is a field every second person loves.

Therefore, we have brought for you the best entertainment description; you will love to the core.

Hollywood Reporter


entertainment blog descriptiona

Why it’s perfect? Because the description depicts breaking news along with information on the latest TV and Hollywood movies.

With this, the website grabs people’s attention instantly and people click on the link to get the latest entertainment information.

Travel Blog Description Examples


Travelling goes well with entertainment that is the reason I have got for you that one Travel blog description and let you master the art of writing descriptions.

Travel Triangle


travel blog description

Why it’s perfect? Right at the start, they are using the terms, ‘multiple local expert agents’. This signifies that the site is an expert in the travel field.

Also, for the people who are looking for travel packages, the site has served each of them in the most professional way.

How to Write a Stunning Blog Post Description?


To rank your blogs on the first page of Google, you will have to master the art of writing compelling descriptions.


Well, you can simply make use of the Rank Math Plugin to edit and write good blogging descriptions.

For this, first, you will need to go into the editor section.

Thereafter, you will see the Meta description which can be seen right below the SERP.

Now, you can enter your blog post description here so that it becomes available to the result pages.

Also, in the blog description, you must always aim to write short descriptions. With short descriptions, you can attract the user to check out your blog post.

Hence, you don’t need to create long blog descriptions where even short and targeted descriptions can do the job for you.

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Secret Tips for Writing a Stunning Blog Post Description


Pick a Good Niche

If you are eager to rank on the #1st Page of Google, you must write blog descriptions that can drive visitors to your website.

If you don’t have attractive and compelling traffic, you might miss the traffic.

What’s now?

I have got for you the best Tips you can follow to boost up your CTR along with Ranking:

1. Use the Main Keyword


Well, you will have to add your main keyboard in the blog description, the most natural way.

This makes it easy for Google Crawler to understand your website content with the help of the Main Keyword.

2. Inclusion of Power Words


Power Words help in getting conversions you couldn’t have ever imagined.

Using Power Words such as Giveaway, Discount, Skyrocket and many of these, you can increase your conversions to substantial levels.

Indeed, by increasing your conversions, you can sell more products, generate more sales and enhance your website traffic to substantial heights.

3. Not more than 160 characters


If you are about to write a blog description that is more than 160 characters, please stop right there.

None of the people will like to read lengthy blog post descriptions at any cost.  Therefore, keep it short, simple and most importantly engaging to attract the visitors to your site.

4. Add CTA (Call to Action)


Indeed, if you run an eCommerce site or even an Affiliate marketing blog, adding a CTA is one of the most crucial steps.

With a good Call to Action, you can increase the chances to gain clicks and rank higher in the search engine results.

5. Make use of Conversational words


If you write blog posts that are too formal, none of the readers will like to read such blog posts

Therefore, each of your post must be quite engaging where you can make use of “I” and “We” to make it engaging.

6. Always use LSI Keywords


Yes, if you don’t use the LSI keywords in your blogging description, you will have to start writing those.

Personally, I use LSI keywords in my blogging descriptions and I have seen a massive bump of 60% in my website traffic.

However, there is no need to add the same keywords again and again as you can get hit by Google Penalty, at any point in time.

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How to Optimize Blog Post Description for SEO?


SEO blogging

To increase your chances for ranking on the #1st Page of Google, you must always optimize your blog post.

The first step in optimizing your blogging description is that you got to use Main keywords in the description.

Using the main keywords, you will give Google the signal to rank your website on those targeted terms.

Secondly, you can add the LSI along with Long Tail Keywords in your blog description.

By doing the same, you can send strong signals to Google for ranking on similar terms.

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FAQ Relation to Writing Blog Description



Q1. What is Blog Description?


Mainly, it is the description of the Home Page that you can see in your SERP results.

Q2. What is Blog Post Description?


It’s the description that represents the contents of your blog post. Also, it appears right below your blog post title in the search results.

Final Word of Mouth


Now, it’s your turn. After reading the entire article, you must have got the best “SECRET TIPS” to write the perfect and best blog description.

From my end, I tried my best to offer you travel blogging description, entertainment description many more examples to let you understand.

Right now, all you can really do is to follow the above guide and implement those strategies in your blog.

Without a doubt, I have been getting amazing results and you will get it too if you follow the above strategies.

Finally, if you have any questions, you can type the same in the comment section. From my end, I will try my best to resolve your query, as soon as possible.

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