I know the Struggle People are facing in 9 to 5 Job Lives.

Striving hard to earn a living has become difficult in today’s World.


Therefore, having immense experience in the Blogging Industry,

I will help you out to earn millions from Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.


Eager to know about me?

I am Aasif Aslam, a Software Engineer by Profession but doing job was never my cup of tea.

Currently, I am a Proud Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur.

Seeing people struggling in their daily jobs and trading time with money, I think that’s too harsh.

Right from the time I was in college, I had the desire to do Something Different.

The moment I completed my Degree in 2017, I came to know about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

Indeed, that was a new thing for me but I made up my mind to pave my way into the Online Industry.

Right now, I run plenty of Affiliate blogs and I have been earning decent money from it.

Let’s Talk about the Blog

JobBlogging = Job+Blogging ( Earn Money while You Work & Sleep)

Currently, there are millions of people in the world who want to start off their blogging journey.

Right from teenagers to people who want to start side hustle apart from Job, My Blog “JobBlogging” is the perfect one to start your Blogging Journey.

What is JobBlogging All About?

JobBlogging is a blog dedicated to every single teenager and job person who want to earn side income.

Either in dollars or millions, Blogging can make you super rich over the period of time.

This Blog will help you know about different Blogging Strategies, SEO Tips & Secret Affiliate Marketing strategies.

What Made me Start this Blog?

I have spent days and nights to learn about the online industry.

Right from blogging to affiliate marketing, I am well-versed with everything and can make you earn Millions too.

After making different profitable blogs, I thought to share my experience to let YOU Start your Blogging carrier too.

I think you are loving this,

But Hold On! Why will you trust me?

Ok! See the Proof

Right below, you can see thousands of visitors coming to my blog and spending time on the same.

how to start a blog

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My Profile to let you Connect with Me:


For other queries, you can email me on [email protected]

Thank you for spending your precious time and reading my story.

Your New Friend

Aasif Aslam

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