A2 Hosting vs SiteGround: The Winner is a Surprise [2021 Updated]

Not able to decide which web hosting provider is better: A2 hosting or SiteGround? Don’t worry. We will clear your dilemma about both the hosting by giving a detailed comparison of A2 Hosting vs SiteGround. As of now, no other host has come higher rank than these two.

Suppose, if you are told to choose between A2 hosting and SiteGround, how do you make the final decision? Which host is properly meeting your web needs? Picking any of these just by looking at the features is quite difficult.

Therefore, choose the best web hosting for your business through our shared unbiased comparison between A2 hosting vs SiteGround.

Introduction – A2 vs SiteGround



SiteGround is reliable and especially recommended by WordPress. SiteGround was founded 16 years ago in 2004. And within these many years, it has developed to provide hosting for about 2,000,000 domains worldwide.

Site Ground has data centers in six countries. It runs MySQL, Apache, PHP, cPanel, and more on its server. Because of its strong uptime and customer support, SiteGround has a reputation and is well-known. You will get various web hosting options, bandwidth, support, and much more through SiteGround.

A2 hosting:

a2 hosting

However, in comparison to SiteGround vs A2, A2 hosting is known as the best developer-friendly web hosting provider. A2 hosting is always a good choice as it has been offering industry-leading hosting with the most intensive hosting needs for all users.

Just like SiteGround, A2 also offers the data center of your preference. The user can also ask for a refund of unused service after 30 days. Meet all the shared hosting solutions you will ever need at A2 hosting.

For beginners to professional developers, A2 hosting offers numerous web hosting services. A2 hosting has Linux and Windows hosting plan. It let you choose anyone depending upon your site’s requirement for shared hosting.

Let’s move further and dig more comparison of A2 hosting vs SiteGround regarding uptime, price, security, and more.

SiteGround vs A2 – Features:


Currently, managed WordPress hosting, enterprise hosting services, and auto-scalable cloud hosting are offered by SiteGround.

As compared between A2 hosting vs SiteGround, it offers to host for a variety of various services, provide Joomla, Magento themes, and tutorials for each app. The key features offered by SiteGround includes:

  • Super-fast SSD server
  • High performance
  • In-built security
  • HTTP/2
  • Free SSL certificate
  • In-house engineered SuperCacher
  • CDN
  • GIT Integration
  • Automatic update
  • Automatic backup

If you decide to move from SiteGround to another server, it offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

A2 Hosting:

In the comparison of A2 hosting vs SiteGround, A2 Hosting has more hosting options compared to SiteGround. The reason people love A2 hosting is because of its key features. Now, let’s see the areas in which A2 Hosting excels in comparison to SiteGround. It includes:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automatic backup
  • SSD-powered Turbo Server
  • Free Migration
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Uptime reliability
  • Any-time money-back guarantee

Apart from this, A2 allows you to cancel your hosting account within 30 days of purchase with a full refund. A2 Hosting allows you to choose the management level VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

We believe that A2 comes with more advanced features and is a highly versatile hosting provider.

While comparing the A2 hosting vs SiteGround features, several essential and common features are offered by both. Such features include unlimited bandwidth, SSD disk space, website builders, one-clicks script installers, and network connectivity.

A2 vs SiteGround – Pros:

SiteGround was started by a former lawyer and IT professional in 2003 offering unlimited bandwidth and tons of web hosting options. Moving on to the pros of SiteGround, it includes,

  • 4x faster loading time:

Everyone needs a site that loads faster within seconds. SiteGround can load your site in under 1 second. The speed is due to the slick combination of software and hardware keeping your site light and speedy. This time is quite faster when compared between A2 hosting vs SiteGround.

  • Enhanced software:

Cloudflare, PHP, SuperCacher are utilized to improve the delivery of content to users all over the world. For the speed of enhanced software, SiteGround uses strategic software deployment.

  • Quick Response:

Server response time determines the time taken to respond to the request before the delivery of content to the screen. SiteGround perform well with an average of 129ms.

  • Customer support:

When a comparison is made between A2 vs SiteGround, both of them provide equal customer support.  team and expert provide 24/7 support as it is capable to handle the most complex issues.

  • User-friendly Site tool:

Many of the users freaked out when SiteGround changed cPanel and replaced it with their custom site. But guess what, it turned out to be more amazing. Site tools of SiteGround solve the problems with efficiency by designing the interface in mind.

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Pros of A2 Hosting:

Let us discuss various reasons why A2 hosting is an excellent web host. However, comparing A2 hosting vs SiteGround, A2 is one of the best hosting under the radar company you should know about. So, have a look at the perks of A2 hosting.

The company believes that a happy employee leads to happy customers and so they are continuously striving to make all their services better. Looking at the pros of A2 hosting, it includes:

  • Fastest shared hosting provider:

A2 Hosting is the fastest shared hosting provider for the past several years. An average loading time of A2 hosting according to our test is 305ms. That’s not a small feet task in the world, but A2 hosting succeeds in keeping the visitors around the website.

  • Helpful and user-friendly customer support:

As discussed above, in A2 hosting vs SiteGround, A2 also provides customer support just like SiteGround does. In addition to the 24/7 support, A2 also supports live chat and connects with a representative within a minute.

  • 24/7 Malware Scanning and Monitoring:

The best way to keep your site safe is through scanning. The servers of A2 hosting are protected by HackScan. It scans for malware without slowing users down. A2 hosting still performs at the highest level giving additional security features.

  • Content Management System (CMS) and tools:

With all the content management system, A2 hosting works seamlessly. To make the CMS faster, it also has performance-enhancing plugins from Turbo Boost Plans.

Suppose you are the webmaster looking to host dozens of sites, then A2 hosting has developer-friendly tools. You can get multiple servers and versions of everything from MySQL, Apache, Python, Ruby, etc.

  • Free Site Migration:

Without any extra charges, you can move a single existing website over the A2 server. When compared with A2 hosting vs SiteGround, A2 wins this feature. You get over 25 free migrations if you go with the Reseller, Dedicated, or Managed VPS hosting of A2.

I hope, the pros helped you to compare both and allowed you to choose the one which has everything you need.

SiteGround:A2 vs SiteGround – Uptime

Siteground Uptime

Uptime is another important metric that matters in deciding the best from two or more hosting. When we compare A2 hosting vs SiteGround, A2 seems to have better uptime. Now talking about the uptime of SiteGround, its server’s exception response time.

Site Ground guarantees their visitors to be working around the clock so that they do not miss out on any of the customers. Within the last 12 months, SiteGround has provided almost 99.92% of the uptime to its users.

Now, if we look at the average loading time of the SiteGround, it has an above-average 673ms of loading time. This time is not the fastest we have seen but has placed in the list of top 10 at speed.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting has a privately-owned server with data centers in Singapore, Amsterdam, and Michigan.  Having a reliable uptime keeps the visitors happy. A2 hosting gives up to 99.99% uptime making the visitors stay at their site for a longer time.

They also offer the speed test for the upload of the website page for each data center.

Also, they try to deliver the best practices by ensuring that your server has the latest security patches. Thus, in the battle of uptime between A2 hosting vs SiteGround, we prefer A2 hosting more.

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A2 vs SiteGround – Security


One of the most critical parts of hosting management is website security. However, A2 hosting as well as SiteGround both have robust security systems. It allows your website to protect you from unwanted attacks. SiteGround develops virtual security patches in the form of WAF rules.

The multiple security features offered by SiteGround includes

  • Free SSL,
  • DDoS protection,
  • Automated backups and restore,
  • Auto updates,
  • ModSecurity, and
  • Web Application Firewall.

In addition to that, the user also gets spam protection for emails and DDoS protection by Cloudflare integration.

A2 hosting:

Being one of the most reputed web-hosting providers, A2 hosting takes the security of the site host very seriously. In the battle of A2 hosting vs SiteGround, A2 hosting provides more security.

The bulletproof security provided by A2 hosting include

  • fail2ban,
  • Email spam protection,
  • Free SSL,
  • Brute force attack prevention,
  • Perpetual Security including Linux Kernel security and HackScan.
  • Wordfence
  • A2 optimized WordPress

From the free lets SSL certificate to each protection, A2 hosting tries to meet your site’s need at any cost. Keep your site secure by trusting A2 hosting as it is most protective of all.

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A2 Hosting vs SiteGround – Easy to Use

SiteGround Ease of Use:

When we talk about A2 hosting vs SiteGround, both of them provide cPanel to manage your hosting accounts. cPanel will help you to purchase new services or upgrade/renew current services just by signing into it.

In addition to all these, you get access to many various tools such as security features, performance optimization tools, script installers, and email account. If you like to have minimal UI, then go for SiteGround.

Moving to the SiteGround, it offers basic cPanel earlier. But as of now, they developed a user-friendly and easy to navigate custom control panel.

Get to create a new site, access the Site tool, upgrade to a higher tier, or contact SiteGround support just a few clicks away.

A2 hosting Ease of Use:

As we all know, A2 hosting offers both Linux as well as Windows hosting services, your ease of use depends upon the operating system you choose. A2 hosting is quite different to use as compared to A2 hosting vs SiteGround.

Here, A2 hosting provides a control panel or Plesk Control Panel. Depending upon your operating system, choose the one to manage your hosting accounts.

Mainly, A2 hosting cPanel is the leading control panel software enabling the end-users to maintain their web accounts with basic technical knowledge.

However, the Plesk Control Panel is an excellent choice for a Windows server. But if you have specific apps that can run on Windows, then going for Windows OS will be great. So, if you are familiar with cPanel, then A2 Hosting is one for you.

Thus, in overall terms of ease of use, A2 hosting and SiteGround both compete against each other neck to neck.

A2 Hosting vs SiteGround – Plans and Pricing

When we compare the pricing of A2 hosting vs SiteGround, none of them are the cheapest. You will get what you pay for. Talking about the SiteGround price as per its plan, then it has various plans to choose from according to your need.

The plan of SiteGround comes in three different categories. They are:

Siteground pricing

  1. StartUp Plan:

The essential features of the StartUp plan are that it has 10GB of web space, unmetered data transfer, and over 10,000 monthly visitors. The pricing of this plan starts from $6.99/month.

  1. GrowBig Plan:

Now, talking about the GrowBig plan, it is a bit advanced than the StartUp plan. It includes features like 20GB of web space, unmetered data transfer, unlimited website hosting, and over 25,000 monthly visitors. The special price of this plan is $9.99/month.

  1. GoGreek Plan:

If you are having lots and lots of websites to host, then this plan is for you. This plan gives 40GB of web space, unmetered data transfer, unlimited website hosting, and over 100,000 monthly visits. As this plan is more advanced, its pricing starts from $14.99/month.

A2 hosting plans and prices:

a2 hosting pricing

In A2 hosting vs SiteGround plans and its prices, there is no such huge difference.

  1. StartUp Plan:

This plan provides over 100 GB SSD Storage, free site migration, and 1 website hosting only at $2.99/month with 66% off.

  1. Drive Plan:

Now you can host an unlimited website with unlimited storage and free site migration starting only at $4.99/month.

  1. Turbo Boost Plan:

One of the most popular plans with unlimited website hosting, and up to 20x faster speed starting at just $9.99/month. The pricing is similar to the GrowBig plan of SiteGround when compared to A2 hosting vs SiteGround.

  1. Turbo Max:

Get 5x more resources, up to 20x faster speed, unlimited websites, and NVMe storage by paying just $14.99/month.

SiteGround provides managed hosting services while A2 hosting allows you to choose between managed and unmanaged hosting options. SiteGround has the edge for shared web hosting and managed web hosting services.

However, A2 hosting wins when we compare A2 hosting vs SiteGround by a wide margin of VPS and dedicated server pricing. A2 Hosting is more confident about its services and offers an anytime money-back guarantee.

You can also get the full amount refund if you cancel any of the A2 hosting plans within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days of use, the user will get a pro-rated refund for the unused services in A2 hosting. So, as per the plans and pricing, we refer to A2 hosting more.

In all comparison of A2 vs SiteGround:

As you know, A2 hosting and SiteGround are in no way affiliated with each other. Both of them have different features that are to be considered before choosing a hosting service for your website.

You can compare the speed, features, security, plans, and price allowing you to make an excellent decision between A2 hosting vs SiteGround.

Both are risk-free, offer security, provide technical support, and more. Both are reliable but A2 hosting wins the overall comparison.

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Final Words – A2 vs SiteGround:

While comparing both A2 Hosting and SiteGround, we noticed that both the service has its terms and conditions, their pros, price, and validity. As SiteGround and A2 hosting were developed in 2003 and 2004, they are continuously in competition.

A2 hosting is continuously trying to improve its services to make them better for the users. It has improved its hosting infrastructures, latest web technologies for top performance on the user’s server.

However, it has come forward with better services, a money-back guarantee, and plans with a comprehensive price. While other promises to deliver the fastest time, A2 hosting is actually delivering it in real-time.

Thus, if you consider buying the website hosting service at an affordable price, then A2 Hosting is the best option.

Hence, I hope this A2 hosting vs SiteGround article helped you to know the difference and find the right web hosting service according to your need.

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